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From July 1, you will no longer be able to use your restaurant tickets on weekends and public holidays

It was a welcome measure in this period of high inflation and rising prices: happy recipients of meal tickets could use their card for up to €38 per day, including weekends and public holidays. A real boost that allowed some to afford a restaurant during their free time on Saturday or Sunday, something they would not have been able to afford without this sesame, or even to reduce the bill for their shopping food. On the restaurant side, the operation had enabled customers to come more regularly. But as of Friday, July 1, it’s over. The rules that had been decided since the health crisis come to an end.

“The use of restaurant tickets will be done under the same conditions as before the health crisis”, confirmed on Friday June 24 the Ministry of the Economy, quoted by our colleagues from BFMTV. Their ceiling will now be limited by a ceiling of €19 per day. And they can only be used during the working week, from Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and public holidays.

CNRR, UMIH and Internet users regret this decision

“It’s a wise measure, because we must not mislead the purpose of the meal voucher, which is to finance the lunch break”, explained Benjamin Suchar, boss of the issuer Worklife, to Figaro. If you work on Saturday and Sunday, restaurant tickets can still be used.

The government is therefore not responding to the request of the Commission Nationale des Titres-Restaurants (CNTR), which in a letter sent to the Ministries of the Economy and Labor requested, as support for restaurateurs, that the amount daily be maintained at €29. Hubert Jan, the president of the UMIH Restauration, deplores among our colleagues BFM TV this decision, while “the measure (spending up to 38 € and use on weekends, editor’s note) does not cost the State anything”. On social networks, many Internet users also regret these new rules. This is “frankly not the time”, underlines one of them on Twitter. “For some, restaurant tickets are the only opportunity to go out to restaurants on weekends with friends or family.”

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