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Football Auxerre – Cissé dreams of a comeback in Auxerre, Ligue 1 is not ready

At 40, Djibril Cissé has still not officially ended his career as a professional footballer. The former OM or Liverpool player is on the lookout for a new challenge.

Today consultant on The Channel The Team, Djibril Cissé brings his knowledge to viewers and other football fans. But the 40-year-old striker has always had in the back of his mind the idea of ​​bouncing back to a club, French if possible. If he knows that the best clubs in the Ligue 1 championship are logically not the most interested, others have tested the waters. But Cissé has not played for a club since the 2017/2018 season and appearances for the modest Swiss team Yverdon. Apparently, he would dream of the opportunity to return to play under the colors of … AJ Auxerre.

Djibril Cissé hot to return to Auxerre?

Indeed, a few hours ago, Djibril Cissé was the author of an astonishing retweet. A retweet of an article by Press-Escape which indicated that the former Auxerre player is considering a possible comeback in Burgundy. What to make some react on social networks. A fan account directly challenged Cissé, asking him if he was ready to lend a hand to Auxerre, just promoted to Ligue 1 after his victory in the accession play-offs against AS Saint-Etienne. “Oh yes, more than ever”, replied the consultant from The Channel The Team. As a reminder, it was in Auxerre that it all started for the former French international (41 caps for 9 goals), the club in which he played from 1999 to 2004. Under the orders of Guy Roux, Cissé had played 169 matches with Auxerre for 90 achievements. To see him again in the colors of AJA would be very surprising but would at least have the merit of delighting the most nostalgic fans of the great years of Auxerre.

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