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Foot OM – Sale OM: Al-Walid ben Talal is no longer in the game!

If a sale of OM materializes in the coming weeks, this should not concern Al-Walid ben Talal.

For many months, the 67-year-old Saudi prince has been associated with Olympique de Marseille as part of a possible sale of the club by Frank McCourt. On social networks, many theories have emerged about the interest of Al-Walid Ben Talal for OM but according to the information disclosed by the magazine Challenges, it is now clear that the native of Jeddah will not buy the Marseille club. Indeed, despite his attachment to France and more particularly to the city of Marseille for family reasons, Al-Walid Ben Talal has no intention of buying a football club in France. The track of a sale of Frank McCourt to the Saudi businessman is therefore falling through, which does not mean that the club will not be sold.

One track less for the sale of OM?

A week ago, Romain Molina dropped a bombshell by confirming Frank McCourt’s intention to sell OM. “I realized that it was starting to be known in the middle that McCourt really, really, really wanted to get out. But like really really. So it’s from there that I thought that everyone knew about it. Today it really leaked, even at the club, in a sector of the club, that if someone puts in the money, thank you all and good night. The names, I have them” announced the journalist on his YouTube channel. Obviously, Al Walid Ben Talal is therefore not one of the potential buyers of Olympique de Marseille. He was, however, in 2020, when he asked his business adviser to find out about the possible sale of OM, before being rebuffed by Frank McCourt. In the meantime, Marseille President Pablo Longoria is preparing his transfer window as if nothing had happened. With a little more financial means than last season thanks to OM qualifying for the Champions League.

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