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Elon Musk’s anti-traffic tunnels are already saturated in Las Vegas

We were already talking about it in 2017 among the craziest projects wanted by Elon Musk. In order to unclog traffic, the billionaire had then put forward that of the anti-traffic tunnels built by the company The Boring Company. The goal ? Thanks to a network of underground tunnels, motorists can take them and put their car on automatic platforms equipped with wheels or get into small shuttles located on the surface.

Five years later, The Boring Company was present at CES in Las Vegas, points out Numerama and wanted to take a full-scale test with its new network. Except that not everything went as planned. And for good reason, many journalists invited to use these tunnels in Teslas, driven by professionals, found themselves in traffic jams. According to our colleagues, many videos show the tunnels saturated when passengers have to get out of the vehicle.

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However, this is what Elon Musk promises: to get from one point to another, without traffic jams, by taking platforms and coming out with his vehicle without having practically stopped. In the many cases seen at CES in Las Vegas, the wait was created by passengers who took longer than expected to get out of the vehicle. The lack of space in the parking areas then congested traffic.

Another pitfall, note Numerama, the narrowness of the tunnels offered by The Boring Company. One of the reasons also why only professional drivers drove for this test. Indeed, the width of the tunnel is barely greater than the car, not to mention the height which must leave a maximum of one meter above the roof. Las Vegas would however like to extend this network of anti-traffic tunnels. There is no doubt that at less than 10 km/h, and with so many traffic jams already, the authorities should think twice.

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