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Elon Musk admits in an interview that he doesn’t like being a CEO

Elon Musk said in an interview with Silicon Valley Tesla Owners Clubthat he did not want to be the CEO of the company when he invested in Tesla in its early days. He stated : ” I don’t like being CEO, but I want to be responsible for product-related affairs, like general technology and design. So someone else can be the CEO. You can do it whenever you want, without any conspiracy“.

In the interview, they discussed the supply chain, why Musk chose electric vehicles, his battery research at Stanford, and the departure of Tesla’s true founder, Zip2. He also spoke about the beginnings of the project of Tesla Roadsteras well as a bunch of things like Tesla financing.

Moreover, he disclosed a first “nightmare year” in 2008. At that time, he encountered a “nightmare year” in business and in life. One of these “nightmares” is launch failure from SpaceX. Tesla also had to deal with serious financial difficulties and many other threats.

Elon Musk

In conversations with club members and on the kilwatts podcast, Musk spoke about the early days of You’re here and the story of the rise of his electric car business. Musk told the host that his first few years as the company’s CEO were by far the toughest. He reveals that 2008 was a “nightmarish year” for Tesla and SpaceXas well as for his personal life.

I was technically CEO since mid-2007 and didn’t officially become CEO until late 2008,” he recalls. “Haha bro, it was hilarious/dramatic, it was a nightmarish year. »

That year, SpaceX’s third launch still ended in failure, but I thought we only had enough funds for three launches, and our three launches with SpaceX ended up sucking“said Musk.

My marriage fell apart at some point, and I had to divorce“, Musk continued, reminiscing about his worst year. ” Tesla’s funding is also starting to unravel at the same time, but we’re so far from production. What’s more, we also experienced the Great Recession (referring to the 2008 financial crisis).

Musk reveals that from 2008 to 2012, the bankruptcy crisis hit it hard. He claims to have invested the $40 million from selling PayPal into his business, using the money to boost Tesla and SpaceX.

Luckily, SpaceX’s fourth launch went well into space” , did he declare. ” If the fourth had failed, SpaceX would be definitively doomed…

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