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don’t pick them up systematically…

A flightless baby bird that has fallen to the ground is not always doomed. Indeed, most of the time, the parents continue to take care of him by bringing him food. This is very often the case with young blackbirds or even young owls who do not yet know how to fly, but who like to explore the surroundings of the nest. These birds are not abandoned and most often they should not be touched. Parents are usually nearby, waiting for the danger (perhaps yourself) to pass.

If you discover a baby bird in this situation, do not pick it up systematically but ask yourself the following questions:

  1. If the bird does not seem not hurt or in immediate danger (cats, roads, regular passages of visitors…): do not touch it.
  2. If there is an immediate danger, in this case and only in this case: replace the baby bird in height, on a branch or in a small box open on the top, suspended by strings from the branch. The parents will return to take care of the baby bird.
  3. If the baby bird seems hurt (hanging wing, half-closed eye…): call a wildlife care centre. Attention ! it is not recommended to take care of wild birds yourself. Do not give him food or drink without them.
  4. Scrupulously follow the advice and protocols of the LPO.
Eastern Jay (Garrulus glandarius) juvenile © Claudel Bayard

Eastern Jay (Garrulus glandarius) juvenile © Claudel Bayard

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