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deliveries begin in France

The most powerful Model Y, namely the Performance version, is beginning to be delivered to its French customers. These models come out of the Berlin factory.

After a first inauguration with great fanfare of its fifth Gigafactory, Tesla is gradually starting to come out its first vehicles from its new Berlin plant.

A factory not completely finished, but which is already on the right track after more than two years of administrative back and forth.

Six customers delivered in France

In this factory, the Tesla Model Y Performance intended for the European market are produced. As a result, the first French customers who ordered the electric SUV saw their car arrive this week, not without a certain satisfaction in a context where the deadlines are lengthening very clearly, in particular at Tesla.

After the 30 vehicles delivered directly to the factory, the brand delivered its first six French customers on Thursday March 31. As usual with Tesla, power and battery capacity were not disclosed.

The Tesla Model Y Performance in a few figures

The battery is estimated to have a capacity of approximately 75 kWhwhile the power would be more or less around 490 horsepower.

Equipped with two electric motors, the Tesla Model Y Performance achieves 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds and can reach up to 250 km/h at top speed. Performance similar to that of its little sister, the Tesla Model 3 Performance.

When it comes to range, Model Y Performance offers up to 514km under the WLTP cycle, i.e. about twenty kilometers less than a Long Range version. Both cars have the same batteries. The car is fitted, as standard, with 21-inch “Uberturbine” rims and claims €66,990 in base price according to the configurator of the brand in France.

For the moment, unlike the Tesla Model 3 where the deadlines are almost a year for the entry-level and Long Autonomy versions, the Model Y is relatively preserved. For a Performance version, with an order placed this month, delivery can be made in July 2022.

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