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Carole Bouquet attends a bullfight and attracts the wrath of an association for the defense of animals

This Monday, June 6, 2022, The League of Animals posted a message on Twitter to denounce the presence of actress Carole Bouquet at a bullfight. A situation that provoked a wave of reactions among Internet users.

Carole Bouquet is an integral part of French actresses. Aged 64, she continues to chain projects and still makes directors dream. It must be said that she is particularly good in her sneakers. Indeed, the actress assumes and accepts herself completely and had already expressed her clear opinion on cosmetic surgery against Audrey Crespo-Mara in seven to eight May 1, 2022: “The problem is that I always see when someone has had cosmetic surgery” she said, taking the singer Madonna as an example: “I’ve seen pictures of Madonna… She’s got talent, but it freaks me out, it scares me. I’m like, ‘But how she looks in the mirror in the morning’, and it’s not her, it’s really someone else. Me, I can’t, I couldn’t. And too bad! I’m not happy to have the face that begins to mark, but what to do? The best thing is not to look at yourself too much. As long as you do, as little as possible in front of your mirror” then confessed Carole Bouquet.

“‘Torture is not a culture!'”

But today, it’s another position that makes people talk. This Monday, June 6, 2022, the account Twitter from The league of animals posted a photo of Carole Bouquet attending a bullfight. Photo that the account captioned the following post : “Actress Carole Bouquet was present at the bullfight in Nîmes this weekend. She is therefore among the list of people who condone cruelty to animals. Bullfighting should be abolished. Torture is not a culture!”.

A post that obviously sparked a strong reaction in the comments: “Sad to see this because she struggles with the voice of the child and endorses the torture of animals, bad image of education for the child?”, “What horror, it disgusts me that we can endorse so many cruelty”, “How awful…..Shame on her! Having such entertainment….it says a lot about her personal values”. Some, on the contrary, wanted to be more measured by ensuring that during the bullfights of Nîmes, the bull did not die. A controversy to which Carole Bouquet has not yet reacted.

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