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Burger King France must change the name of the Whooper after a bet lost against a twittos

Burger King France has launched a challenge to Arkunir: 100,000 retweets so that he gets a sandwich in his name. And fast food lost.

Definitely, Arkunir likes insurmountable challenges. The twittos, which is approaching 400,000 subscribers, and which already has some nice shots to its credit, made Burger King France bend after a bet this Friday. While the user spent his day looking for candidates from fast food restaurants to create the Arkunir Burger and thus compete with the Cauet Burger, he found a serious applicant in the person of Burger King. The fast-food chain challenged him to get 100,000 retweets on a post to temporarily transform the Whooper into his likeness.

Burger King: a new sandwich for Arkunir?

But, obviously, the restaurant underestimated the power of tweeters in this area. which has already ratio Twitter at the top of a list of publications with completely crazy statistics. Finally, Burger King will not even have had time to doubt: in just a handful of hours, the mission was completed for Arkunir. He even posted a visual on his Twitter account with Zen’o, the character of dragonball he has on his profile picture, posed on a sandwich.

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It remains to be seen now what Burger King’s strategy will be at the end of this funny bet. In its first message, the brand implies that it was planning to rename its Whooper in favor of Arkunir Burger. For his part, the twittos is rather hot to create a tailor-made burger: he even asked Internet users to imagine combinations for the sandwich. But hey, it will probably comply with the requirements of fast food in this area, which will now have to tinker behind the scenes.

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