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Brave Cat Shows Who’s Boss In The Neighborhood As He Takes On 3 Huge Dogs

This video, which has gone viral on Facebook, shows the behavior of a brave stray cat. Indeed, this one faces the attacks of three big dogs.

Thanks to Facebook, This cat’s reaction to the loud barking of three stray dogs has gone viral. The dogs tried to scare the cat away, not imagining that the cat would respond to their barking boldly.

This curious scene was recorded in a video and made thousands of Internet users laugh out loud at the surprising behavior of this courageous cat, when he saw three dogs opposing him. In the footage, you can see the three dogs barking and growling in an attempt to assault this cat.

However, the brave little feline, instead of running away from the ferocious dogsimposes himself and tries to drive them away with small movements in which it seems that he will face them, but in the end he remains in the same position.

Brave cat shows who’s boss in the neighborhood

What is most striking in the video shared on Facebook and other social networks is the behavior of the dogs, which, unlike the cat, stay in their place. The dogs recoil at every movement of the little cat and bark at him to scare him away.

These images quickly went viral, prompting various reactions and comments from netizens, who shared this funny clip highlighting the peculiar behavior of this brave cat.

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