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big bomb to come about Sampaoli?

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What if Jorge Sampaoli leaves Olympique de Marseille? While the Marseille club finished 2nd in Ligue 1, qualifying for the next Champions League and the Argentinian coach had assured that he would be present next season on the evening of the 38th and last day of Ligue 1, he turns out that a big bomb could fall on Marseille given that according to information from AS journalist Andrés Onrubia Ramos, the OM coach is not sure to stay…

Sampaoli not sure to stay

In his tweet, Ramos explains that Sampaoli would be waiting for sporting guarantees for the 2022-2023 season but that Frank McCourt, owner of OM, would not give him any at the moment, given that the Bostonian is not injecting any money. currently in the club. The lack of player signings would thus be highlighted and could push Sampaoli out of office, which would be a huge blow for Marseille. We will have to follow this file closely because Sampaoli could well go away, a year and a half after his arrival…

to summarize

A big bomb could well fall about Jorge Sampaoli, the coach of Olympique de Marseille. Thus, the OM coach could well leave this summer, given that he is not satisfied with the lack of sporting and financial guarantees concerning this summer transfer window.

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