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Berlin’s Tesla Gigafactory (still) threatened by environmentalists

The German environmentalist Grüne Liga (Green League) has called for an administrative closure of the Gigafactory Tesla in Berlin following an incident that occurred last April.

The difficulties are probably not over yet for the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin. After many delays, finally overcome, a new request for administrative closure has just been asked, on the part of environmental activists.

The latter comes from the Grüne Liga (Green League), an environmental movement, explains Numerama. Why ? Because on April 11, 15,000 liters of a paint mixture leaked from the mega-factory. Waste recovered by a company specializing in the treatment of these cases.

This therefore did not please the green movement, which requested an administrative closure to the authorities. A dossier was even sent to them, to have Tesla’s business license suspended.

But that’s not all. Ecologists also point to the fact that the basement would not meet the required criteria, contrary to what Tesla had promised. A risk of water pollution would therefore exist. And the Grüne Liga to wish a temporary closurethe time to bring everything up to standard.

Berlin’s Tesla Gigafactory meets green standards, authorities say

The Land (administrative division) of Brandenburg obviously responded to these arguments. The public authorities simply indicate that there is no no risk of groundwater pollution at present. Yes, of course, preventive measures are respected.

Not enough, no doubt, to convince environmentalists, who are disrupting the construction of the German Gigafactory for almost three years. Announced in 2019, the project was indeed repeatedly suspended. were pointed out potential impacts on nature and water consumption.

On March 4, the Austin firm’s factory had nevertheless received the final building permit of the authorities of Brandenburg. What allow him to continue to operate. Still, schoolchildren can still contact the Ministry of the Environment. The soap opera Gigafactory Berlin is probably not finished yet…

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