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Benjamin Castaldi looks back on his crazy spending in a restaurant (VIDEO)

Once is not custom, the time was for confidences this Tuesday, June 7 in “Touche pas à mon poste”. And it was Benjamin Castaldi who again made his comrades hallucinate by returning to one of his incredible expenses in the past. Cyril Hanouna and his columnists evoked the last outing of Johnny Depp who offered himself a dinner with friends at an insane cost in an Indian restaurant in Birmingham, England. The actor found his friend, guitarist Jeff Beck, who is currently on tour, and surrounded himself with twenty friends. In the end, the note turned out to be rather salty since it rose to 58,594 euros.

An anecdote that inspired Benjamin Castaldi. He confided in a dinner he shared several years ago in Las Vegas with Line Renaud and Charles Aznavour. “I wanted to invite the whole team. There was the late Charles Aznavour and Line Renaud. And they chose wines from the menu. And they like very good wine. buttocks”, he first said. “An order of magnitude?” tried to sound out Géraldine Maillet. “In dollars, it’s about the same as in euros. They took White Horse. And it was 18,000 euros a bottle”, recounted the son of Jean-Pierre Castaldi, causing the bewilderment of the chroniclers. “It’s without embarrassment to do that, I find”, was offended Kelly Vedovelli. “Defense, as it was a very chic thing, there were no prices. Suddenly, the addition to the total amounted to between 36,000 and 40,000 dollars“. And to add: “At the time, I had a map that worked“.

This is not the first time that Benjamin Castaldi has mentioned his huge expenses in TPMP. While he was a host on TF1, he recently said that he had already taken a jet for less than fifteen minutes: “I took a jet for 12 minutes to go to Brussels. I think it must have been 15,000 euros round trip. I had dinner, went there and left. It was during my period where I was doing anything. It was to go see a woman who was passing through Brussels. She had a high position in television. She was in charge of the direction of certain programs“, he had narrated.



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