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Bad treatment against animals: in Finistère, a slaughterhouse condemned after a complaint from L-214

slaughterhouse SBA Briec
After a complaint from the L-214 association, the SBA slaughterhouse in Briec near Quimper was sentenced on Monday June 27, 2022 for ill-treatment and acts of cruelty to animals. He was fined 20,000 euros in particular. ©L-214

Monday, June 27, 2022, the SBA slaughterhouse at Briec close to Quimper (Finistere) was found guilty of bad treatments towards animals. He specializes in the slaughter of cull sows.

20,000 euro fine

The court ordered him to pay a fine of 21,500 euros. This is double compared to the requisitions of the prosecution. The company will also have to pay 5,000 euros in damages to animal welfare association, L-214.

In this case, everything started fromshocking video filmed in this slaughterhouse of the Mousquetaires group (Intermarché) in early 2021. L-214 had broadcast the images in May of the same year and then filed a complaint in the process.

The Stéphane Lamart Association, which defends the rights of animals, was also a civil party. The slaughterhouse will have to pay him 2,000 euros in damages and interest.

Suspended prison sentence

In this file, four employees were also prosecuted. All were found guilty of ill-treatment and acts of cruelty. Each was ordered to pay a symbolic euro to the two associations.

The prosecution had requested against them between 6 and 8 months suspended prison sentence.

Two of them receive 6 months suspended imprisonment; a third, 3 months suspended. The last gets off with a fine of 1,000 euros.

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Oar and electric prod strokes

On May 18, 2022, three spoke during their trial. They had been summoned to explain themselves on the blows of plastic oar given on the backs of sows to move them forward.

The video also showed workers throwing electric prod in the eyes and anus of animals. Two of the defendants, who have since left the company, had admitted the facts. They had then invoked the cadences to be kept. Extract.

We have to stop hiding our faces. It was necessary to respect the rate of cutting down 110 coaches per hour. We weren’t there to string pearls.

For her part, the person in charge of the slaughterhouse had disputed their remarks and maintained that this ill-treatment resulted from “individual initiatives” of the staff. She had also refuted the notion of “rates” or “objectives” to be kept.

This line of defense had been difficult to hear for Me Helene Thouy. For the lawyer for the L-214 association, the company knew about it and was responsible. “The management let it happen. She did nothing to prevent the abuse that was daily. »

The arguments developed during his pleading weighed in the judgment of the Quimper court, this Monday, June 27.

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