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The Warriors find the Finals by dismissing the Mavs!

For the sixth time in eight seasons, the Warriors will go to the NBA Finals. That night they outplayed the Mavs with a blunt Luka Doncic, thanks to their collective strength. Draymond Green and Klay Thompson led the charge. Stephen Curry, who lacked skill, won the first Magic Johnson trophy for the Western Conference Finals … Read more

Sainte Marie. The calèche pizza for a rustic and unusual lunch

“It was huge, with strong emotional moments”. Busy brushing the mane of Gitan des Palles, a Comtois trait with a chestnut dress, Martine Maître admits to having experienced an “exceptional” 2022 Agricultural Show. There was the competition with Gitan des Palles, the only Nord Comtois qualified in single coupling who won first prize in maneuverability … Read more

Elon Musk accused by Twitter shareholders of ‘manipulating the market’

The plaintiffs accuse the boss of Tesla of having delayed the moment when he revealed that he had taken a stake in Twitter, a legal obligation beyond certain thresholds. Twitter shareholders have filed a complaint against Elon Musk, whom they accuse of manipulating the market to save money in his takeover of the social network. … Read more