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an entry-level model at €25,000 from 2023?

Tesla could release a car on the market in 2023 for a price of around 25,000 euros, just to make itself more accessible to the general public.

According to our British colleagues fromCoachthe Palo Alto builder was seriously working on a more accessible model than its current range, whose prices blithely exceed market averages for “everyman”.

For a decade now, Tesla has been the automobile brand benefiting from the most pronounced craze, riding the wave of electrification that is winning over all its competitors, something it anticipated several years ago. As proof, the sales figures of its Model 3 have never been so high. A growing success that tells some that Tesla could find itself world number from 2022 or 2023, all segments combined!

But the Model 3 is not necessarily an affordable car for the general public with a starting price set at €43,800 excluding VAT in France. It is to fill this gap that Tesla would consider launching a new electric model at more attractive prices, of the order of $25,000 in the United States, which should represent about the same price on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

How to lower costs?

This is the question that arises when we know the costs necessary just to make the batteries that equip the Tesla. The key would lie precisely in their size. always according to Coachthe brand would have developed a new technology capable of reducing the batteries of 35% all in producing five times more energy. To be continued…

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