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After Twitter, what madness could Elon Musk afford?

After Twitter, what other company could Elon Musk buy? The whimsical and eccentric billionaire gave an astonishing hint, for no less amazing reason.

A few weeks ago, no one expected Elon Musk to want to buy Twitter, and put the means (44 billion dollars!) to do so. But since April 25 and the green light given by the social network’s board of directors, the boss of Tesla and SpaceX has gotten his hands on the company. At least, he is in the process of gathering a certain number of investors around him to collect the sum necessary for the realization of this enormous operation of repurchase of actions.

Coca-Cola or McDonald’s?

What’s next? Nobody knows what Elon Musk has in mind, and maybe he doesn’t either. If he gets his way with Twitter, he should replace the current CEO, Parag Agrawal, to implement all the ideas he laid out before the acquisition. This should keep him busy for some time (he could hold this position temporarily), without forgetting that he also deals, in parallel, with a car manufacturer and a space launcher!

But that doesn’t stop him from thinking about the future. He and his many Twitter followers had fun listing the different companies that the whimsical billionaire could acquire. He was thus offered to take over McDonald’s to repair the brand’s ice cream machines, which spend their time breaking down. He then replied: Listen, I can’t work miracles, OK “. Mission impossible, even for Elon Musk!

In another tweet, he wrote: Next time I’ll buy Coca-Cola to put cocaine back in “. It’s a joke of course, and even a double joke: on the one hand, it’s quite unlikely that Elon Musk actually wants to buy the soda maker. And on the other hand, the reference to cocaine goes back to the origin of the drink which contained caffeine and coca leaves. A product that is also used to make the famous drug…

You should know that in the 1890s in the United States, cocaine had legal use, it was known for its invigorating properties! Since 1929, Coca-Cola no longer uses this product.

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