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A welcome consolidation in the world of digital media

The media group Keleops announces the acquisition of the 01net website, sold by the Altice group via its subsidiary NextInteractive. Founded in April 2000, the 01net.com site had been owned by the group since 2007.

Keleops becomes the leader in high-tech information in France

With this operation, Keleops becomes number 1 in high-tech news in France with more than 17 million monthly unique visitors and 4.2 million subscribers on social networks.

After Presse-citron in 2018, iPhon in 2019 and Journal du Geek in 2021, Keleops continues its strong external growth momentum in a post-Covid-19 context favorable to consolidation.

A word from the founder and CEO of Keleops, Jean-Guillaume Kleis:

“We salute the progress made by 01net, the favorite brand of the French in the high-tech universe for two decades,” he said. Hence the brand’s desire to acquire it in order to be herself confirmed in her position.

An acquisition with strong growth potential

The transaction is part of the group’s global strategy, which becomes the de facto leader in a rapidly evolving high-tech information market.

The new set combines complementary skills that generate strong potential, combining on the one hand the editorial know-how and technical expertise of the 01net teams and on the other hand the ability of the Keleops group to develop audiences and generate new revenues.

An enhanced offer for advertisers

By constituting the widest audience on the market in the high-tech vertical in France, Keleops offers an enriched offer for advertisers in search of high visibility with a specialized and committed target.

“After an exceptional year in 2021 and the successful integration of Journal du Geek, the Keleops group is continuing to develop both through organic growth and external growth thanks to rigorous management of its activity, its financial resources and its ability to innovate. The acquisition of 01net illustrates the Keleops group’s desire to continue to grow and consolidate the high-tech media market in France and abroad concludes Jean-Guillaume Kleis.


Overall this is a very good thing. Production costs increasing drastically, this ensures science, especially high-tech, to also succeed. This consolidation should bring overall consistency to an already extremely powerful group on the internet.

Indeed, all these media are pure players and share an ambition for large-scale professionalization. And we understand them because we do too.

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