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A wedding in a Tesla Model 3

Tesla Magazine shares everything with you! From essential information to anecdotes, our goal is enrich your knowledge and have fun. All this on the subject of electricity of course! Only a few days ago, a user posted the photo of her wedding.

A union signed Tesla

You may think we don’t care. And it is true, after all. How could the marriage of a stranger concern us or at least interest us? The fun fact is that this union took place under the aegis of Tesla.

Indeed, the new bride underlines their common love for the brand with a lot of humor. “Our love is just over that we have for this car”. She adds, “so of course we had to take a fun picture with it.”

Tesla fans, unite!

She also thanks Elon Musk, founder of the company, for taking part in the festivities in this way. It is true that the brand brings its fans and admirers closer! So why not play a role in their union?

And the funniest thing is that they added a “just married” sticker to the back of their car. You can see it in the photo where the electric vehicle is fully charging…

Road safety is no joke

The young bride finally indicates that “the active safety devices saved them from an accident a few days before the wedding.” A chance therefore that they were owners of a Tesla… Indeed, there are few effective security systems on the automotive market. For many, they are still only in the development phase.

It is important to clarify that Tesla does not mess with safety. The latter is at the heart of each vehicle produced by the brand. They come with advanced collision avoidance and pedestrian protection features, including the automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning and forward collision warning.

Safety-first design

Tesla vehicles are designed to be the safest in the world. Each of them combines powerful on-board technology and an all-electric design, to protect every driver, passenger and pedestrian on the road.

Designed around an all-electric architecture, Tesla vehicles offer a very low risk of rollover and injury to occupants. Eight cameras and a powerful image processing system provide 360-degree visibility and help detect nearby objects such as pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

With Tesla Autopilot technology, active safety devices can help limit the severity of shocks or to prevent accidents from occurring.

Highlight: In the rare event of damage, Tesla batteries are designed to draw heat away from the passenger compartment and battery, helping to prevent fires and protect occupants. For every kilometer traveled between 2012 and 2020 in the United States, Tesla vehicles were about ten times less likely to catch fire than the average combustion engine vehicle.

The Teslas: cars that unite around love and safety!

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