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A Ukrainian club will play in German D2 next season

The Ukrainian club Motor Zaporijia will compete in the German D2 championship next season. The announcement was made by German league boss Uwe Schwenker to German sports news agency SID. “For us, it was clear: for such a question, it is a democratic decision of the clubs which must be taken. In the end, a large majority emerged in favor of integration…”

Champion of Ukraine since 2013

Zaporizhia’s home matches will be played in Düsseldorf. The capital of the North Rhine-Westphalia region will also provide accommodation for the Ukrainian team and according to Schwenker, the project can be set up quickly. The German Handball Championships start at the beginning of September. Since the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army on February 24, the Ukrainian championship has been on hiatus.

Motor Zaporizhia dominate handball in Ukraine, each time crowned national champion since 2013, and have been regularly engaged in the Champions League in recent seasons. A commitment to the German 2nd division could allow the Ukrainian club to accumulate the playing time necessary to play in the C1 next season. It is still necessary that the European Federation (EHF) grants the Motor an invitation.


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