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A pizza with cauliflower dough, the light and gluten-free alternative

Pizza, we love it!

Exit the frozen pizza placed in the junk food category. Today, pizza is a dish that can be eaten gastronomically, award-winning or even starred, in a vegan or AOP version… The one we thought we knew well is constantly reinventing itself. While it is criticized for its caloric and often indigestible side, especially for gluten-free food lovers, many of us are looking for a healthier and lighter version of pizza. Alternatives exist but they lacked a little thing: the taste… But that was before.

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Caulilo is Ilona’s somewhat crazy project. This young mother initially wanted to simply get her little ones to eat healthier without systematically spending hours cooking. His secret weapon? Fresh cauliflower, which has proven to be a super healthy base for pizza… In fact, once ground, cauliflower makes it possible to revisit many traditional bases: pizza dough, of course, but also röstis or the bread for burgers. You can even make a tabbouleh or a kind of cauliflower semolina by grating it when it is raw, it is to be mistaken and much healthier. This concept of pizza dough made from legumes already exists in the United States and Canada, but Ilona developed it in Belgium, had it tasted around her, then launched into a larger distribution. ladder.

It’s a hit

We tasted them and, frankly, it’s stunning. If you have a revulsion for cauliflower, don’t stress, you don’t taste it and the filling is fresh and creamy. In short, if you don’t know it, you don’t feel any difference with a classic pizza (and downright good, in fact). Obviously we are not the only ones to have appreciated it, because Ilona’s pizzas with cauliflower dough are now sold at Rob, in a few delicatessens, or simply online. For the moment, the range only offers three pizzas: a Margherita classic (sold for €9.50), a Greenery with fresh vegetables and a diavola, with its spicy salami (sold for €12.50)… But the project continues to grow and we hope for other versions soon. The pleasure of a good pizza, but in a low calorie, gluten-free, preservative-free and 100% Belgian and artisanal version, we adhere…


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