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a Model Y suddenly stops, catches fire and traps the driver inside (video)

A terrifying video begins to go viral. We see a Tesla Model Y stopping dead, losing all power and catching fire, before smoke escapes, the driver remaining trapped inside.

The Tesla Model Y in question © Sons of Vancouver Distillery
The Tesla Model Y in question © Sons of Vancouver Distillery, YouTube

According to information from CTV News and a video posted to YouTube (below), a man became trapped inside his 2021 Tesla Model Y after his car suddenly stopped. The story is not the first of its kind: in 2021, a plugged-in Tesla also caught fire, burned down a house before exploding. Later, two other brand vehicles caught fire at a dedicated repair center.

Impossible to get out of his Tesla when it catches fire

Jamil Jutha told reporters from CTV News that his Tesla Model Y suddenly “ lost all its power while driving in High Vancouver, causing the car to stop. The car started showing several errors, before any of the electronics stopped working.

The doors did not open. The windows did not close said Jami Jutha. Smoke began to pour inside the vehicle and began to choke him. Panicked, he told himself that his only chance of survival was to break a window to escape.

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My car started to burst into flames, no flames, but a lot of smoke, the battery died, I don’t know what happened said the driver. Jutha will have finally managed to break one of the windows, to crawl out before calling for help. The cause of the fire is already known according to CTV Newsbut firefighters told reporters that the Model Y will be thoroughly examined tomorrow, Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

Normally, the doors of a Tesla Model Y open electronically with the press of a button. But it exists a mechanical leverwhich is also used to open the doors, and which is under the window regulator control panel. In contrast, Jutha said he was “not not at all intuitive » and that he could be « difficult to understand in an emergency “. The story closely resembles that of a 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid sedan, which recently caught fire in Haverford, Pennsylvania.

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