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A case of rabies from Morocco detected in Melilla

The Moroccan dog was captured in the street by the Animal Protection Service of the local police, just 15 minutes after entering the territory of Melilla, official sources of the autonomous city said.

He was then taken to the Domestic Animals Reception and Observation Center where he was analyzed by veterinarians from the Directorate General for Public Health and Consumer Affairs who detected symptoms of rabies. Which was confirmed on Tuesday after the dog died.

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The animal remained “very short time” in freedom in Melilla, said Paqui Maeso, the Minister of Health of Melilla, specifying that an epidemiological investigation was carried out to identify contacts in people or animals, in cooperation with the local police.

Cases of rabies are recurrent in Melilla, bordering Morocco. The city has been on Alert 1 for months, after six cases of rabies were confirmed in Moroccan dogs. Five people were bitten by these animals and protective measures were taken.

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