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10 of the smartest animals in the world

— Carlos Aranguiz – Al Carrera / Shutterstock.com

Everyone has their favorite animal which they consider to be the smartest in the world. But, science has shown that some animals are smarter than others. Today, we invite you to discover ten animals considered to be among the most intelligent. What do you think ? What’s your favorite animal ?

— Carlos Aranguiz / Shutterstock.com

10. The Rat

You probably suspected it: the rat is one of the most intelligent animals. It is therefore no coincidence that it is used as a research animal in the laboratory. Small and underdeveloped, his brain still allows him to have a mind extremely similar to that of humans. His brain structure is also comparable to ours. Labyrinths, itineraries, complex tasks in several stages: he is able to understand, memorize or even perform a good number of things. Rats are also social animals that can suffer from depression and loneliness. Psychological and social abilities that explain their great intelligence.

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